Tips and Tricks

Grandma's Tidbits, did you know that...

Smelly clothing?

Put your clothes for one night in a bucket with cold water and add a shot of vinegar. Afterwards throw it in the washing machine.


How to keep your dark clothing flawless

Just put your dark clothes in cold water with a shot of vinegar.



Glassex is the answer. For most stains, you can apply Glassex. Then you throw it in the washing machine.



Use a pantyhose as a cloth and rub this on the deodorant stain.



Apply lemon dishwashing on the stain and throw it in the washing machine.


Nail Polish

Spray deodorant with alcohol on the stain. Dab not rub.


Red wine

Put Gin on the stain and you'll see the stain disappear. It also works with old stains.